Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains – only 30 minutes from Denver International Airport – Hawk3i has delivered world-class marketing materials and compelling brand experiences since 2002.

We pride ourselves on our high-touch service philosophy: by embedding ourselves within your organization, our team becomes your team. We take a leadership approach to ensure your marketing content is effective and efficient, defining the vision in accordance with your business goals. We partner with your executive team, IT, sales and subject matter experts to truly integrate marketing within your business processes. We then leverage our 3-point approach help you develop the Ultimate Customer Experience, so that you can engage your market with confidence.

Hawk3i delivers…



Strategy functions as the backbone of your marketing plan, which is in itself a powerful tool that defines your company's competitive advantage and go-foward approach to the marketplace. As we lay the groundwork for the optimal sales-enabled marketing solution, Hawk3i utilizes methods like customer interviews, surveys, competitive research, SWOT analysis and web metrics to generate a full picture of your business. Budgets and production schedules are developed from this, as well as plans for rapid deployment of collaterals, web presence and customer events, as needed.


Hawk3i works hard to integrate with your business processes to create a branded experience at every customer touch-point. At this stage, the Hawk3i team assesses which tools, channels and ROI measurement strategies will be activated to achieve the most effective go-to-market approach – tailored to each customer’s unique needs. Hawk3i works with websites, SEO, CRM systems, call centers and employees to engage your customers and ensure that lead capture and communications processes are in place and effective wherever they interact with your brand.


Finally, we develop a plan to deploy frequent, integrated marketing campaigns across the channels that are most relevant to your business’ audience. This is where the broad focus of our creative concepts is refined and formalized, resulting in memorable content that drives sales, engages customers and generates leads. We strongly believe that 'art for art's sake' is not a relevant component of an effective go-to-market strategy; as such, Hawk3i creative is designed and executed to solve business problems and drive revenue. The art lies in our ability to integrate your marketing program and engage your customers, partners and employees in a meaningful fashion.

Taken together, these components are all you need to create an integrated marketing program that will help your
business grow for years to come.